Principal's Message - Welcome back to term 4 and to face to face teaching and learning.

8th October 2020

Dear Parents and families

Welcome back to term 4 and to face to face teaching and learning. This year has and continues to present many challenges but I want to acknowledge the great work you have done in supporting your child with remote and flexible learning. As I said previously this has been more difficult for some of our families than others due to a number of circumstances I also want to congratulate our staff for the amazing work they have done under very difficult circumstances.

School resumes next Monday the 12th of October. All students are encouraged to attend school for face to face teaching and learning.

The student transport will operate as usual from next Monday. Please ensure that you are in time for the morning pick up. The bus driver and chaperone will practise social distancing on the bus where appropriate. The buses will be cleaned before and after each run. Please ensure that all students have washed their hands thoroughly before getting on the bus. Staff will assist students or remind them to wash their hands before they get back on the bus at the end of the day.

Parent drop off and pick up will be staggered as it was in the previous return to on-site learning. Parents and carers can drop their child off between 9:15 until 9:30 each morning. Staff will be available to assist the students to their classrooms. Pick up time will be 2:40 pm. This is to minimise the circulation of adults on the schools grounds. Please drop and go as soon as is practicable’ Access to the school facilities is limited to students, staff and essential service workers for the purpose of maintenance issues.

All correspondence with staff will be via email, phone call and the Seesaw app. Face to face parent / teacher meetings are not permitted at this time.

School programs will continue to operate as usual with some exceptions. There will be no hydro, swimming, food preparation, food sharing, camps and excursions until further notice.

We will be discouraging the use of shared equipment. In the event that any shared equipment is used it will be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

Student can access the playgrounds for recreational play and they will need to wash their hands before and after use independently or with assistance where appropriate.

Teachers, ESOs and therapists are not required under the advice from the chief health officer to wear face masks while engaging in direct teaching. Staff do however have the option to wear a mask during these times if they wish to do so. All staff must wear a mask in the staffroom and shared spaces with the exceptions of classrooms and whilst on yard duty. Students with disabilities are exempt from wearing a face mask, however if they wish to do so they can.

The Department of Education and Training priorities for return to on-site earning are the following:

Priority 1 – Mental health and wellbeing

The highest priority is the mental health, safety and wellbeing of every student and member of staff. This means encouraging and sustaining motivation for learning and supporting the development of personal and social capabilities of students as part of the curriculum.

Priority 2- Learning

Literacy and numeracy remains a focus across the curriculum. Student voice and agency will inform how we provide continuity of learning and support in this environment.

Priority 2 – Transitions

This includes finding contextually appropriate ways to conduct end of year celebrations and transitions into, through and out of school.

Students who are medically vulnerable need to seek advice from their treating doctor to see if on-site learning is the most appropriate option. This does not include students with asthma, epilepsy and Type 1 diabetes. Students with one or more of these conditions must have a copy of their most updated medical support plan. This plan needs to be sent into school.

All staff are in the process of completing: on line learning in “School infection prevention and control” during COVID 19. If a student or staff member is showing 1 or more symptoms of COVID -19 they will be sent home after a phone call to the parents and must remain at home until they are well enough to return. Students and staff should get tested and remain home until they receive a negative test result.

We will have continuous cleaning throughout the entire school day. The cleaners will disinfect all high touch surfaces on a rotational basis. Students and staff will practise good hand hygiene throughout the day by using soap and water and hand sanitiser.

We will utilise our extensive outdoor learning spaces as much as possible weather permitting and will ensure adequate ventilation throughout the day by opening windows to increase the natural air flow.

We will work in partnership with our school community to make the return to on-site learning as seamless as possible and can assure you that we are taking every safety precaution during these unprecedented times.

The Parent Opinion Survey is being made available to all parents and can be completed on line. It opens on Monday the 12th of October and will close on the 13th of November. The survey has been translated into a number of languages. There are questions in the survey in relation to COVID -19. It would be wonderful if you could complete the survey as we highly value your opinion and your feedback helps to shape the future direction of the school. A link and a password to access the survey will be sent out on Monday.

If you have any questions of concerns please contact me at the school. I am very excited to see our students and staff return to school.

Kind Regards