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Important National Su
rvey of Parent Voice Special Schools Australia



Dear Parents and Carers,

In Australia, each state and territory have their own special schools. Each of these parts of Australia also have their own special education principal association that advocate on your behalf to each state and territory government to ensure our students and schools have the resources they need and appropriate support.

The attached national survey is being conducted by the Australian Special Education Principals Association (ASEPA).

Why do a survey?

Over the last few years there has been a push for more inclusive practices in Australian education systems. Some inclusive advocacy groups see special schools in a very negative light. The current Disability Royal Commission is hearing from groups and individuals who wish to see all students within mainstream classrooms. I believe that our students, your child, deserve the highest level of support and that the personalised education that we provide, along with smaller classes directly benefit to meet students with complex need. This survey is designed to have your voice heard, along with parents of students from across Australia who have chosen our specialist schools.

The research.

This survey is explained in detail on the next pages (a lot of detail actually) and is approved by the NSW Department of Education Research Committee. The Research is being conducted by Professor Tania Aspland from ACU.

Your voice.

This survey is the first of its type designed for you, our parents of students in special schools, and will provide valuable evidence to defend and support our work, and to have your voice heard against those who do not understand.

Please take the time to do the quick 10 minute survey on the link provided:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Jackie Lowther