Early Education Program (EEPs)

Springvale Park Special Developmental School offers an Early Education Program specifically designed for pre-school children with a significant developmental delay.

The program caters for children aged between 2 years 8 months to school aged.

The Early Education Program is a group based program. The four year old program runs over 3 days for 5 hours each session. The three year old program runs over 2 days for 4 hours each session

The program offers:

  • A supportive, innovative and fun program run by professional staff that have qualifications and experience working with children with additional needs.
  • The program uses the Victorian Early Years   Learning and Development Framework to guide teaching and deliver a play based learning approach.
  • Families are provided with formal and informal reporting to offer ongoing feedback.
  • The program emphasises the development of communication skills, through the use of augmentative communication strategies. These include the Boardmaker visuals and Key Word Sign.
  • The program is supported by qualified specialists and offers access to speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and music sessions, where appropriate.
  • There is a strong focus on encouraging independence and teaching functional skills. These include feeding and toileting.
  • Families are supported with transition to school.

The EEP promotes the inclusion of children into their local service and we encourage children to also attend regular kindergarten or childcare programs.

If you are interested in our Early Education Program, please contact the EEP coordinator on 9546 7666.   The EEP coordinator will be happy to organise a tour and discuss options for enrolment.