School Welfare

The Wellbeing Team at Springvale Park Special Developmental School consists of our Welfare and Wellbeing committee which includes therapy and teaching staff, a Welfare Officer and Mental Health Practitioner. The school’s leadership team supports the committee to implement whole school approaches to physical and mental wellbeing for students and staff.

Mae Saunders is our school Mental Health Practitioner & Social Worker and works Monday to Thursday. Vicki Turnbull is our Welfare Officer and is available Monday to Friday. Both Vicki and Mae work collaboratively to promote a healthy learning environment that focuses on the needs of children and young people at our school.

The team provides emotional, mental and physical support services to school members including students, caregivers and staff. The team can provide referrals, consults and debriefing on a variety of issues. They are available to support our school community.

Please call the office at 9546 7666 or email to make an appointment.