Physical Education

Physical Education and Sport plays an important role in the learning programs at Springvale Park SDS. Our school’s facilities such as the full sized gymnasium, basketball courts, central oval, bike tracks and outdoor gym equipment provide great opportunities for the students to participate in physical activity. The bike education program is implemented through all levels of the school.

The preps and junior classes participate in a PMP program which is focused on developing gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

Throughout the year we have many opportunities for students to try new sports through the Sporting Schools Program. This is a government funded program providing funding to expose as many students as possible to as many different sports as possible. Some of the sports include golf, gymnastics and athletics.

The students are involved in SSSSA Inter School Sports, Inter School basketball, weekly class PE sessions as well as clinics from outside sporting organisations. SSSSA Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming carnivals provides students the opportunity to link with sporting clubs within their own community. Springvale Park SDS holds House Sports Days. Students wear their house colours and compete in races and games. The House Teams are led by senior student House captains.

Swimming is identified as a lifelong physical activity and is an integral and essential component of the Physical Education Program. It provides the foundation for competent and confident participation in a range of physical activities. Becoming a confident pool user is essential to student safety as well as increasing opportunities for both leisure and sporting pursuits.

The swimming program is designed to:-

  • Develop awareness and confidence in the water by providing a wide variety of activities and situations
  • Make participation in swimming an enjoyable and social experience
  • Provide all students with the opportunity to participate in a sequence of water awareness and familiarization activities, water safety and rescues
  • Develop swimming strokes, water skills and personal safety awareness
  • Encourage participation in aquatic activities as a leisure pursuit